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Beach Vacations Beach Vacations Ready for sun, sea and sand? Fly to Denpasar and soak up the rays in beautiful Bali. Stroll along the pristine sands of Mahé Island in the Seychelles. Ramble through Palma de Mallorca’s romantic Old City streets and feast your eyes on the beaches of the biggest Balearic. Next stop? Cancun! Enjoy a delicious Piña Colada while sunbathing on the magnificent Playa Delfines. Don’t forget your flip-flops and sunscreen!
History and Culture History and Culture Tour the Grand Palace and Buddhist temples to discover Bangkok. In Beijing, wander through the Forbidden City or walk the Great Wall of China. Land in Cairo for a camel ride to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Stroll along the canals in Amsterdam and keep an eye out for Rembrandt and Van Gogh or admire the works of Gaudi while walking down La Rambla in Barcelona. Inspiration awaits you in every corner of the world!
Wines of the World Wines of the World Fly straight to Bilbao for ruby-red Riojas. And take in the Guggenheim Museum – the building is as interesting as the art! No wine expedition would be complete without a trip to Bordeaux, famous the world over for its classic vintages. New World reds and whites are next, in cosmopolitan Melbourne. Finally, relish in the countless wine tours available in downtown San Francisco. Taste, and toast your knowledge as you go!
Natural World Natural World Cool off at Iguazu Falls near Buenos Aires and then heat things up with trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Discover the dizzy heights of the Swiss Alps in Zurich. And then it’s safari time in Nairobi or Cape Town. Head from Hanoi to Hạ Long Bay and float your boat through a thousand isles. Mother Nature never fails to impress!
Metropolises of the World Metropolises of the World New York is simply breathtaking from the top of the Empire State Building. As is London from the London Eye. Take in Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow. And jet off to Hong Kong, where East meets West. Tap into the round-the-clock pulse of São Paulo to recharge your batteries. Bright lights, big cities here we come!
Underwater Adventures Underwater Adventures Swim, snorkel and scuba dive your way around the globe! Belize City brings you to the Great Blue Hole – and there is nothing else quite like it. Red Sea marine life awaits you in Jeddah while the amazing Amalfi Coast near Naples is everyone swimmers perfection. And the Coral Sea will charm you all the way from Brisbane to the Great Barrier Reef, which is sure to awe even the most seasoned diver. Life always looks better under water.
Ultimate Skiing Destinations Ultimate Skiing Destinations Denver, Colorado lands you high in the Rockies for powder-filled adventures. Santiago, Chile is your gateway to the spectacular Andes. The ice sculptures in Japan at the annual Sapporo Snow Festival are simply incredible. And in Oslo, you can cross-country or downhill ski to your heart’s content. Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.
Romance Romance Looking for paradise on earth? White sands, tropical tastes and serene sunsets are yours to be had in Cancun, Bali, Malé or Pointe-à-Pitre. Ride Horses through the many idyllic beaches on the isle of Honolulu. And no romantic tour would be complete without a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower or a gondola ride down one of the many canals in Venice. If love is in the air, this is the way to go.
Off The Beaten Track Off The Beaten Track Take the road less traveled through French colonial architecture to the Buddhist temples in Vientiane, Laos. Say hello to the pandas in Chengdu, before dolphin spotting from the cliffs near Aberdeen, Scotland. And swing into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Natural beauty and manmade marvels are found in the most unexpected places.
Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Ancient wonders, modern wonders, natural wonders…every stop along the way will astonish you. Start with the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico City and head to Lima to take in Machu Picchu. Salute the Terracotta Army in Xi’an and marvel at the Colosseum in Rome, or the Acropolis in Athens. As Socrates said ‘wonder is the beginning of wisdom’
Surfing Safari Surfing Safari Dreaming of half-moon beaches, tropical rain forests and surfing royalty, you're almost certainly dreaming of Hawaii. Ready to ride those world class rollers, then Bali is simply a must, with more surf spots per kilometer it will not disappoint. Take a chance to relax on San Jose’s golden sands whilst waiting for the perfect wave. Fuerteventura’s one of Europe’s best for heavy, uncrowded waves due to the warm climate which is cooled by Atlantic breezes generating world renowned surfing.
International Nightlife International Nightlife Get a taste for the tango in Buenos Aires, before heading to the birthplace of jazz in New Orleans. Let loose in London’s west end before dancing the night away in one of Berlins famed nightspots. Enjoy the bright lights of Bangkok’s Khe sanh road. Finally take in the panoramic views from Hong Kong’s sky bar.
Family Adventures Family Adventures Get ready for the adrenaline fueled fun of Orlando. Then take a step back in time as you uncover the ancient history of Rome. Enjoy A stroll through Mexico City’s buzzing downtown to reveal a mirage of museums, murals and canals. Taste the great outdoors, with all the national parks of California have to offer. Stroll along golden sands and splash through crystal blue waters in Phuket.
Culinary Discovery Culinary Discovery Meander through Delhi’s many spice markets before feasting out on Indian delicacies. Palermo’s down-to-earth street vendors offer an authentic taste of Sicilian culture. A hot bowl of Pho is simply a must when in Hanoi. Enjoy a banquet on the move, dining on tapas in Barcelona! Eat well for less in Singapore, the famed hawker food markets are not to be missed!
Most Wanted Itineraries Most Wanted Itineraries With SkyTeam’s network spanning the globe, we know how difficult it can be to pick a destination to visit. To provide you with some inspiration we’ve put together our most popular ‘Top 10’ itineraries for you to choose from.